Chinese Giant Baidu Is Confident Its New AI Won’t Make Any Mistakes About Sensitive Topics

Baidu, the leading Chinese technology company, expresses confidence in the capabilities of its advanced artificial intelligence (AI) system, assuring the public that it can avoid any errors. During a recent conversation with analysts, Baidu CEO Robin Li disclosed that the company is patiently awaiting government approval before unveiling its own AI chatbot, Ernie bot, which shares similarities with the popular ChatGPT. However, tests conducted by Reuters indicate that Ernie bot declines to answer a wide array of political questions, particularly those concerning Chinese government leaders.

Li stressed the importance of preventing AI from generating unexpected or incorrect responses, commonly known as “hallucinations” within the industry. He acknowledged the complexity of this task, considering that models like Ernie bot and ChatGPT rely on probabilities to function effectively.

Baidu is closely monitoring the dynamic landscape of industry regulations in order to align its AI chatbot launch accordingly. Li emphasized that Baidu’s extensive experience of over two decades in operating search services in China has provided them with profound insights into Chinese culture and regulatory practices. Conversely, Li cautioned that companies lacking experience in providing appropriate online content or lacking a track record of collaborating with regulators will face significant obstacles.

In recent developments, China’s cyberspace regulator introduced preliminary measures aimed at managing generative AI services, including Ernie bot. These measures highlight the requirement for content generated by such technologies to adhere to the country’s core socialist values. Li expressed optimism regarding these measures, believing that proactive engagement by regulators in the initial stages of generative AI will raise the entry standards. Baidu is well-prepared to meet these criteria.

While Baidu awaits government approval and adjusts its strategies accordingly, the company remains committed to ensuring the reliability and appropriateness of its AI systems. Baidu’s extensive experience, coupled with the evolving landscape of industry regulations, will likely shape the future of AI chatbots in China. By prioritizing accuracy and compliance with regulatory guidelines, Baidu aims to provide a dependable and valuable AI-powered experience to its users while upholding the country’s principles and values.

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