Wonderful Engineering

Chinese Engineers Dismantle and Rebuild Sanyuan Bridge In Only 43 Hours

Chinese take their physical lines of communication very seriously. They have created road networks and electrified railway lines across the highest mountain ranges of Karakorum and Himalayas and maintain them all year long no matter what kind of conditions they are facing. Their hard work dedication and round-the-clock progress mean that they can get things done at jaw-dropping speeds.

The rebuilding of this famous bridge Sanyuan in Beijing can show you what ridiculous speed the Chinese engineering juggernaut is capable of achieving. The CCTV America filmed the whole timelapse of 43 hours including the dismantling and complete laying out. The construction alone took almost 19 hours only. Here is the full video:

Over 1,300 tons of material was transported to the site, and the engineers there used a new “integrated replacement method” that allowed the job to be completed in just over 43 hours. Instead of having the traffic closed for two months at a time, the project was completed in record time. This technique probably cost a lot of money but as I said, Chinese take their communication lines very seriously, and they restored the bridge at the request of the district administration within a record period.