Chinese Company Develops Test That Can Diagnose Coronavirus In 15 Minutes


Coronavirus has been the talk of the time, with medical companies on the toes to develop a vaccine. Recently, Australia took the lead and made the first lab-prepared coronavirus. Chinese medical centers are working day in and day out indulged in studies and researches that could take them any step further in controlling the epidemic.

Finally, a Chinese firm has come up with a test that can diagnose the virus in less than 15 minutes. Extracting the words from Xinhua Net, “experts have developed a rapid nucleic test kit for the novel coronavirus (2019-nCoV) in the city of Wuxi, east China’s Jiangsu Province.”

The credit owner is the partnered work between the National Institute for Viral Disease Control and Prevention and Wuxi-based high-tech Company. The time taken for the diagnosis is between eight to fifteen minutes, and the results are quite reliable. The kits are easily transportable so mass production is taking place to spread the tool around the cities. Presently, the test is being used in the Hubei Province, the hub of the disease.

The company claims to make enough kits that can be supplied to all suffering from the outbreak.

Other medical contributions are also being made to assist the doctors and fight against the virus. Gilead Sciences Inc proposed doses of an antiviral drug, claiming that it can cure the infected patients. For now, the firm has made an agreement to perform a clinical trial of the drug.

No dependable treatment has yet been seen that can treat the virus completely, though, preventive measures and vaccines are being searched for. Gilead’s drug hasn’t been approved to be used on humans in the U.S or other countries. But, during a striking outbreak, sometimes, emergencies lead to the use of unapproved medications that hold the potential of curing the disease.

The first patient to be tested positive for the virus in Washington was given the drug on the seventh day of his treatment. And the condition was observed to improve. “All symptoms have resolved with the exception of his cough, which is decreasing in severity,”

The patient’s fever declined to a considerable range. “Before treatment, he had high fevers and was getting sicker,” George Diaz, the patient’s attending physician at Providence Regional Medical Center Everett, said in an interview on Friday. “After treatment, he had reduced fevers and no longer required oxygen. His lungs cleared up, and he generally felt better.”

Let’s see if it adds to the hope around the globe or not!


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