Chinese Cities Are Turning Pink Due To Extreme Pollution

Chinese cities pink

China and India are both facing extreme pollution crisis in their major cities. Beijing and Shanghai are considered one of the worst cities when it comes to air pollution and smog levels. Many of the pedestrians have to wear masks while they are moving about. It is the price of massive industrialization that China is paying dearly. The smog creates an unprecedented level of problems for the Chinese residents in these cities. The port city of Nanjing is one of the worst off in smog levels. The situation here is so bad that the air around the whole city has turned pink due to all that stuff in the air.

I cannot even imagine the kind of acid rain that would pour in these areas. At the end of last year, these bizarre pics were taken of the Chinese city that showed an unusual shade of the air around the city.

Nanjing pink sky4

Officials were perplexed by the color of surroundings and soon found out that the air quality had suddenly plummetted to levels even lower than that of Beijing which is considered as the city with the worst quality of air.

Nanjing pink sky2

Part of this dazzling color was the sun setting at a slanting angle, but the city officials showed that the air pollution had increased the contrast of this color beyond imagination.

Nanjing pink sky

But not all people were convinced about this explanation. Some people hinted the possibility of a new smog particle that will become a permanent scourge for the world. Although the view is mesmerizing, I don’t think the residents liked it very much. Hopefully, in the future Chinese government can clamp down on poor environmental standards of their factories and restrict the number of vehicles in their cities.

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