Chinese Boy Suffers A Stroke And Paralyses His Arm After Playing Games Continuously During Isolation


We all have heard stories where hardcore gaming fans damage their health in some way or another. Usually, these gamers are bad at keeping their healthy sleep schedules, not eating appropriate and unfulfilled nutritional values add up to worsen their condition.

The same was the case of a fifteen years old boy from Nanning, a city located in China. The Corona Virus Pandemic and the lockdown going on since months have affected our lives drastically. It shifted our routines upside down; a lot of fun outdoor activities are out of the count, and we don’t know for how long.

15 year old suffered a Cerebral Stroke back in March and taken to a nearby hospital, came out he also happened to paralyze his left arm & hand. He had locked himself in his bedroom, enjoying isolation while playing games at a stretch for 22 hours, he kept on with this horrific routine for a month.

The year nine boy tricked his parents, continued gaming pretending it to be online classes and studies. The child’s mother mentioned, “We didn’t even know what was going inside his locked room.” Medical experts stated, “Lack of necessary sleep and nutrition came out to be the reason for his unusual stroke,” as the blood and oxygen level in his brain dropped, left him with a paralyzed arm.

More work should be done on awareness campaigns to communicate the harms and damage to our health caused by lack of sleep, lack of healthy nutrition, and abusing the use of computers or other electronic devices.

There are multiple of smart ways to monitor you child.

Health should be our priority with the passing time and technology taking loops in advancement. Adopting a healthy, productive lifestyle and routine is the key to remaining sane. Young ones are to be guided well with how to lead a healthy, nutritious life. Parents must ensure the monitoring of their children’s lifestyles.


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