China’s New Submarine Looks A Little Unconventional

Innovative technologies are being developed for maintaining a sturdy defense system. China has always showed up with its top-notch technology in the arena. A submarine with a very modern outlook and unconventional style is recently located in the waters of China. It is called Type-039C/D and it is not created for nuclear attacks. The machine uses lithium ions to cancel the noise and operate silently.

The main distinguishing feature in the vehicle is its sail which will help it in staying anonymous and not easily locatable on radars. Conventionally, submarines have round edges and are streamlined like the body of fish. Quite surprisingly, this submarine has a fin like structure at the top to serve as the sail and has sharp edges all over. The name of the submarine is still unknown, and it is yet to be officially introduced to the world. Currently, it is present at the Huangpu River in Shanghai and came from Wuhan which is a busy port city.

The vehicle is not purposed for nuclear operations; hence, it stays closer to the surface of water most of the time, unlike the usual nuclear submarines. They only resurface when they need to refuel, or a threat is near them. It is rumored that this less trackable machine is an emulation of the Swedish submarine with similar features called the A-26 design. A-26 is still an ongoing project, and it is, however, too son to determine if both are of the same base specifications.

Another way of powering the submarine is the air-independent propulsion system which is also called the AIP system. It can provide energy to the submarine for around 2 weeks of staying underwater. However, this feature makes the machine slow and less agile. It is also interesting to notice that lithium ions are used in the battery of the submarine which ensures longer battery life. So, allegedly, the combination of these two features will be enough to support the machine underwater for longer periods.

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