China’s New Radio Telescope Could Detect Alien Probes, Researchers Say

China has been investing in advancing its space technology for quite a while now and the new technology they have created will be disruptive in the detection of aliens. The country has developed a new radio telescope that can apparently sense huge swarms of self-replicating alien robots before they come for an attack on Earth. 

Dr. Zaza Osmanov is an associate physics professor at the Free University of Tbilisi who recently published a preprint paper that measures how China’s new Five-hundred-meter Aperture Spherical Radio Telescope (FAST) could be able to detect swarms of hypothetical extraterrestrial devices known as Von Neumann probes. 

These self-replicating devices, first postulated by mathematician John von Neumann will have the potential to allow humans to know more about the universe around them as there is so much to know still. In the paper, it was first spotted by Universe Today that FAST could likely detect swarms of these devices due to its radio spectral band. 

If there will be an attack of a huge group of aliens on earth, it will be life-threatening for humans as it will be able to self-replicate and take up every available resource to continue its reproduction. If this probable event is detectable, various preventative measures could be taken to avoid or combat it.

Aliens attack

Still, this technology does not mean that the potential attack will be combatted as well. It will just give us a warning and other measures will have to be taken by us.

Osmanov’s paper is lined up to be peer-reviewed for publication in an actual journal. It is an interesting hypothesis. However, we hope we don’t have to actually apply it.   

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