China’s Laser Gun Can Shoot Drones From 800 Meters Away

laser gun china

China’s Poly Technologies Inc have displayed a laser gun which is designed to shoot down drones. China Poly Group is China’s latest state-owned arms dealer representing the nation’s defence contractors in the International Sales. The laser gun called Silent Hunter can be deployed by Police for counter-terrorism or the military for air defence. In a mock display, the gun aimed laser beams at the drone which was flying 300 meters away and downed it instantly.

The laser gun is capable of intercepting low-altitude, slow speed, small sized aerial targets such as drones using its strength of strong anti-jamming capability and high accuracy. The developers said that the drones with growing payloads have become easier to be obtained and can be used to launch terror attached easily. Therefore the police needed a tool like Silent Hunter to intercept and bring the drone down. They claimed that the portable laser gun can also be used as a tactical weapon for air defence system either at a moving target or naval vessels.

There is another version called the civilian version which has reduced laser power to jam the communication systems of drones. This will be useful for general public, government officials, and celebrities who want to enjoy their privacy. The laser can penetrate a target’s exterior as thick as 10mm from 800 meters away.

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