China’s Flying Supercar Company Just Unveiled Some Marvelous New Creations

China’s AeroHT, a company specializing in electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) flying cars, has unveiled two intriguing new concepts that push the boundaries of transportation innovation. These futuristic creations include a six-wheel-drive hybrid-electric “aircraft carrier” van and an updated version of their flying supercar, featuring a fully concealed airframe.

AeroHT initially captured attention when they successfully flight-tested a two-ton prototype of the X3 flying car in 2022, which resembled a sporty hatchback with a massive drone mounted on top. This bold move marked a significant leap into the world of flying cars. Moreover, AeroHT’s endeavors align with China’s aviation authorities’ willingness to embrace innovation, positioning the country at the forefront of eVTOL technology.

The first concept, presented at Xpeng Tech Day 2023, was the “Land Aircraft Carrier.” This eye-catching, six-wheel-drive gray panel van serves as a ground-based deployment system for a two-seat eVTOL multicopter, situated in the van’s rear. The van deploys the aircraft, which unfolds its landing gear, and the multicopter takes flight. AeroHT plans to power the van with a range-extended hybrid system, making it suitable for both emergency services and personal use.

The second concept is an enhanced flying supercar design featuring a four-arm system with eight coaxially-mounted propellers for improved control and redundancy. Notably, the flight gear is stored internally, protecting it from damage caused by road debris. A video demonstrates the vehicle’s roof lifting to allow the airframe arms to unfold, with the driver transitioning to a joystick to pilot the car in flight.

AeroHT’s flying supercar has garnered considerable attention for its ambitious combination of car and aircraft technology. While physics may not be a deal-breaker for achieving flight, the challenge lies in achieving practical flight range due to the added weight and components of a street-legal car.

AeroHT’s most impressive reveal was a video showcasing its low-altitude ballistic parachute system, safely bringing an aircraft down from just 50 meters (164 feet) above the ground, highlighting their commitment to safety and innovation.

As AeroHT continues to push the boundaries of eVTOL technology, it remains a company worth watching. Their dedication to bringing unconventional ideas to the market and the support of Chinese aviation authorities position them as a key player in the emerging eVTOL landscape, with each new concept pushing the boundaries of what is possible in personal air travel.

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