China To Build An Under-Sea Bullet Train From Beijing To USA

China america train

China is on fire,politically and economically.  The country is coming up with ambitious plans and one of these plans includes constructing a railway, which will connect China to United States of America.
TO USASo yes, we are talking about travelling from China to USA without flying. The obvious advantages include less cost for travellers and no chance of an incident like the one with Malaysian Airlines MH370.

According to Beijing Times, China is planning to connect China to lower 48 states of USA by employing a high-speed railway. Going into the specifics; the route will start from northeastern China and will then go via Siberia to the Bering Strait. From Bering Strait an underground railway (tunnel) would make its way through the Pacific Ocean in order to connect Alaska and Russia and afterwards, the train would keep moving south crossing Canada and finally stopping when it’s in USA.



The whole project, if you ask us, seems a bit ambitious but the most ambitious part is the construction of the under sea tunnel that will allow the train to cross the pacific. The tunnel will be 125 miles in length and this is 4x the length of the Channel Tunnel, which currently connects France and United Kingdom. This whole project would be quite challenging for all the engineers out there and if it does get sanctioned, it will open new avenues in construction industries.

The entire trip will span over 8,100 miles and is being called as; ‘China-Russia-Canada-America’ line. According to the experts, this journey would take two days to complete if the train makes the journey at an average speed of 220 Mph. China Daily has reported that the funds and construction of this project will be China’s responsibility.

Wang Mengshu from the Chinese Academy of Engineering stated; ‘Right now we’re already in discussions. Russia has already been thinking about this for many years.’

ChinaThere are still many details that need to be cleared and straightened out before this project can begin if it has to begin (feasibility analysis from experts, specifically railway experts). However, this news sure does portray how ambitious China is and how Chinese are focusing on installing new routes to other countries.
Check out the youtube video below for more details:



  1. Vahid Reply

    Dear Sir /Madam

    I extremely surprised and excited from this news .
    I am waiting to hear more when the job done .
    This will be a great achievement for all.


  2. Vahid Reply

    Dear Sir/Madam
    This is a great achievement for all I extremely excited when i heard about this project and waiting to hear the job is done as soon as possible .


  3. Bhargav patel Reply

    Hello !! I m interested for your project ! may i join with your project !!

  4. K.B Dewali Reply

    It is good for all country people. Every one can travele by bullet train. So many people can’t travel by flaht due to costly fair.

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