China Is Leading The Way In Quantum Cryptography

Quantum cryptography has been unattainable for quite some time now but all of that just might change soon. It provides unbreakable security for individuals, companies, and governments. The system generates uncrackable codes and provides a new level of secure communications.

The technology works from the subatomic level using laws of quantum mechanics and it is virtually incorruptible. You can watch the video below to understand more about Quantum Cryptography.

It does not mean that the data we share across the globe is unprotected. It has an encryption of its own. But, this encryption is no comparison to quantum cryptography and can be cracked without much difficulty. China’s new quantum network that went up across Europe and Asia just this past week could be the solution we were so desperately looking for.

It works with a satellite network and perfectly encrypts signals over large distances. Quantum keys are long strings of numbers that are not only protected by computers but by laws of physics themselves. The success of the Chinese network lies in the satellite Micius. This is a powerful photon relay and detector. It used fine lasers and detectors to send out quantum information and to receive it at incredible speeds. You can check it out in the video below.

The satellite has proved itself in the past couple of years in a series of tests and is the perfect tool for China’s quantum network. The senders and receivers can use those same states to¬†generate a string of numbers. These strings can be used to encrypt any kind of data including, videos, texts, financial information, etc.

The network is up and running but it still has a few flaws. Those flaws are not in the quantum keys but in the satellite. That being said, this is no doubt the biggest leap in quantum cybersecurity.

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