China Just Fired A Tactical Missile In An Attempt To Stop A Category 4 Typhoon

Tactical Missile

Using tactical weapons to introduce suitable weather change is not a new concept. The US strategic command has been attempting to control the disastrous natural phenomena like Hurricanes by meddling with the eye of the storm which is its middle location. What Americans attempted to do was to freeze the eye as well as shifting its focus so that it won’t affect more populated areas. Although it claimed that the tests didn’t end well, other nations have accused the US of affecting the weather in their areas with this experiment including Cuban Fidel Castro. The truth about these experiments has never been released to the public and even cautiously, we can say that some anomaly might have happened that forced US to stop them. Now China has entered the fray and used a tactical missile in the Typhoon Mujigae.

china hits tactical missile at Typhoon Mujigae2

The Hong Kong’s State media reported that the missile was used to get better information and data from the heart of Typhoon Mujigae to figure out more about its developments and where it could eventually lead to. The dangerous storm is currently anchored in China’s Guangdong province and started on October 4. Since then, dozens of people have been killed and wind speeds have reached devastating 217Km/h speed prompting it to be declared as a level 4 crisis by the Chinese Government. It is simply the most powerful storm to ever hit these shores and this usage of a missile by the Chinese could be an act of desperation to stop it at some point.

china hits tactical missile at Typhoon Mujigae3

china hits tactical missile at Typhoon Mujigae

The missile SY-400 was launched in a ground-to-ground trajectory from the nearby Hainan Island and in the official version, it is supposed to be carrying Radiosonde sensor payloads and transmit back meteorological data. However, satellite technology is very accurate in predicting that. Maybe the Chinese are desperate enough to try some drastic steps! This isn’t the first time they have chosen to manipulate the weather. Before the Beijing Olympics 2008, they released over one thousand cloud seeding missiles to stop rain during the opening ceremony!


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