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China Just Created The World’s Most Powerful Hydrogen Locomotive

China has developed a locomotive that is essentially powered by hydrogen, making it a clean and renewable energy source. This technology can replace a huge number of train systems that utilize fossil fuels all across the country.

The locomotive, called Ningdong, was manufactured by a state-owned company. It was originally a diesel-engine train that has been converted to run exclusively on hydrogen fuel cells.

According to a reliable news source, the locomotive can operate for a long duration of up to 190 hours before requiring a refueling process that takes just two hours. It has a hydrogen capacity of 270 kilograms.

The combustion of hydrogen only produces water which is far better than the by-products being produced by fossil fuels that release tons of greenhouse gases, polluting the atmosphere.

China is going all-in on developing the hydrogen industry to tackle the environmental issues caused by vehicle emissions and the greenhouse effect. They teamed up with the country’s economic regulatory body and the National Energy Administration to cook up a plan back in March 2022. And this plan is all about promoting sustainable growth and making hydrogen the hero of the energy world.

By 2025, China wants to see a whole fleet of hydrogen-powered vehicles hitting the streets, rocking cleaner energy, and leaving traditional fuels in the dust. But they’re not stopping there and are building a whole network of hydrogen fuelling stations to keep those hydrogen-powered rides rolling.

The company behind the hydrogen-powered locomotive is bringing some seriously mind-blowing technology to the table as their cutting-edge hydrogen engines are ready to wave goodbye to fossil fuels and usher in a whole new era of transportation.

And they’re not just talking the talk, they’ve already launched the world’s first urban train powered entirely by hydrogen.

China’s passion and jaw-dropping advancements in the hydrogen industry demonstrate their unwavering commitment to saving the planet and dominating the clean energy scene.

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