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China Is Powering Missile Silos With ‘Environmentally Friendly’ Wind Turbines

Ah yes, what better way to save the environment than produce environmentally-friendly powered ballistic missiles even though there won’t be any need to save the environment if a war breaks out…

It seems like is in the process of building at least 119 silos for intercontinental ballistic missiles in the northwest area of the country; thereby increasing tensions around the world with an alarming display of military power.

But fear not! China has taken these measures in the best interest of the environment and has taken the green future initiative to another level. So when China decides to fire one of these ballistic missiles, you can rest assured that they are powered with renewable energy-driven from huge new wind turbines and will not increase the ratio of harmful gases in the air, but will most probably and certainly wreak havoc everywhere but hey the environment is clean!

After a Washington Post in June revealed that China was working on the missile silos, a satellite imagery analyst and engineer, James Lewis decided to study the area in more detail with commercial satellites and broke the news of the new wind farm in China. Lewis analyzed the images of the region taken over a year and explained them at the 2021 GEOINT Symposium on Thursday. He said that he spotted man-made structures surfacing and connecting to the silos in an ever-expanding network and a quick Google search revealed that they were, in fact, wind turbines.

There’s not a large population of people there,” Lewis said at the conference, according to SpaceNews. “So why are they building all these wind farms there? They are obviously trying to power something of relatively large size.” Lewis also suggested that the new missile program is even more expansive as there seem to be around 119 silos according to his satellite data. But don’t worry, it’s all green!

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