China Is Building Even More Nuclear Silos


As the world is progressing towards advancement, globalization, and modernization, countries are getting skeptical of one another. The overall global environment has become distrustful, and countries are ready to fight for resources to assert dominance over one another. The focus on military and defense is increasing. This is why every day, one of the countries is seen to be revealing a new breakthrough or an innovative military invention. Mostly, this is done by the superpowers that are always striving to up one another in the defense systems, especially in nuclear weapons. This time it was China.

Recent images from satellite taken a month ago show that China has built 119 missile silos that are exactly the same. They are located in the desert near Yumen city that is at the northwestern end of the country.

A report from New York Times has stated that it is being speculated that China is building a further 110 missile silos as well. This indicates that China is enhancing its nuclear capacities and investing in a nuclear defense and offense system.

However, the news received is still based on assumptions. It is not entirely clear that for what purpose the country is making so many silos. Are they actually built for the nuclear missiles and what capacities do they have? These questions still need to be clarified.

Ever since President Xi Jinping came into power, an aggressive and intense strategy is being followed, especially regarding the control in Hong Kong. It may be the reason for building so many silos. A competitive arms situation may be at hand. It is also speculated that they might be constructed only to put psychological pressure on its adversaries like the USA.


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