China Is Creating Soldiers With Enhanced Biological Capabilities, US Intelligence Claims

The world will soon see super soldiers in action. And you already have an idea if you have seen Marvel’s, Captain America.

China is conducting human testing on members of its Army according to insight from the U.S intelligence agency. The goal behind the program is to develop soldiers with enhanced biological capabilities.

The concept might seem like coming out of science fiction, but the emerging technologies are pretty much capable of transforming the human body. If the new technologies are paired with the fastly growing genome-editing world, they could arguably begin producing superhumans.

Ideas for artificial intelligence symbiosis, self-regenerating limbs, and bionic body parts are not too far from reality.

The idea of converting humans into Marvel-Esque superhumans sounds interesting and excites us to the core. However, some real-world fears and biological considerations should be taken into account before we achieve this mark of human advancement.

CRISPR Medical Technology 

Researchers will use Novel medical technology to alter DNA sequences with ease. CRISPR is such technology and is a powerful tool for editing genomes.

CRISPR could be used to correct genetic defects, prevent and treat the spread of disease, and improve crops. Even given all these benefits, scientists have raised against the concept due to ethical concerns. They believe that it is unethical to manipulate genes to boost an individual’s physical capacity.

A report published in Jamestown by the authors Vilson Worndick and Elsa Kania states some key insights into gene editing’s Chinese interests.

Both the authors believe that even though the potential of using CRISPR to increase human capabilities seems like a science fiction idea, there are signs that Chinese military researchers are exploring its potential and applicabilities.

As per the authors, the newly found Chinese interest uses biotechnology to fight infectious diseases, explore its military application, and use it inoffensive biotechnology.

Biologically enhanced soldiers seem inevitable; history has seen the use of such technologies, pain immunizations, exoskeletons, telepathy, and wearable robots to increase a military’s strength.

China has spent $178 billion on its defense budget only in the previous year. It seems pretty clear that the Asian country has some ongoing unconventional military ventures.

Now the question if these augmented soldiers will only remain a concept of theories is long gone. The question now is that when will we see these soldiers all set to fight on the battlefield. As biotechnology is advancing at a rapid pace, this human transformation might be seen shortly.

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