China Is Buiding A Long-Range Missile That Can Shoot Bombers From A Thousand Miles Away

Reportedly, Chinese researchers, led by Su Hua of Northwestern Polytechnical University, have developed an extraordinary ultra-long-range, hypersonic SAM, as per the South China Morning Post. This SAM, boasting a range of 1,240 miles, surpasses even the Russian S-500, signifying a remarkable stride in aerial defense technology.

Su Hua and his team’s primary objective is to bolster China’s aerial defense capabilities, particularly targeting AEWAC aircraft and bombers. From the perspective of the People’s Liberation Army, this SAM serves as a crucial deterrent against potential intervention in regional conflicts, showcasing China’s commitment to enhancing its defense infrastructure.

The PLA’s specifications for the SAM emphasize cost-effectiveness, ease of daily operations, vehicle-mounted mobility, and restrictions on length and weight. The missile, measuring 26 feet (8 meters) in length and weighing 2.5 tonnes, employs a solid rocket motor for vertical launch and a ramjet engine for propulsion in the upper atmosphere. While its appearance remains undisclosed, its design suggests similarities to the Feitian-1 hypersonic vehicle, previously tested by the university.

Operational details are limited, but the SAM’s guidance system relies on real-time data from reconnaissance satellites, transitioning to onboard sensors during the final approach. It detonates its warhead upon reaching an effective kill range.

The PLA’s strategy involves issuing warnings to targeted aircraft, with engagement only occurring if they fail to retreat. This approach aligns with the PLA’s objective of maintaining regional and global peace and stability.

This development challenges prevailing aerial defense doctrines and highlights China’s advancements in military technology. However, further validation and scrutiny are required to confirm the SAM’s effectiveness and readiness for deployment. Additionally, the implications for regional security dynamics and potential responses from other nations are subjects of considerable interest and concern.

The development of this ultra-long-range SAM underscores China’s dedication to upgrading its defense capabilities and establishing itself as a formidable presence on the global stage. Consequently, it signifies a noteworthy advancement with far-reaching effects on military tactics and international diplomacy.

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