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China Has Unveiled Its Next-Generation Battle Tank – Hailing It As ‘The Strongest On The Surface In Future’

It is being widely reported that China will soon reveal its futuristic fourth-generation main battle tank (MBT). Song Zhongping, a Chinese military expert, told the South China Morning Post (SCMP) that the “development of China’s most advanced main battle tank is almost complete.”

This next-generation battle tank will have two crews which are quite next level as even the Russian-made T-14 Armata and the AbramsX are operated by a crew of three.

One crew will perform combat-related tasks, and the other will focus on driving.

A commentary was also published by a popular Chinese portal, Sina Military. It stated that the simulation cabin video released by the military is from the main battle tank and not an infantry fighting vehicle.

Furthermore, the Sina Military article noted that the left side of the simulation cabin appears to be the driver’s seat, and the steering wheel installed with various control buttons resembles the one found on a racing car.

The right side of the cabin has a commander’s seat with a control system handle and the gun control system joystick to control the main gun, a remote weapon station, and an active and passive defense system.

The whole system is set up according to the principle of “left maneuver, right fire,” reported Sina Military.

“Apart from that, the next-generation tank is believed to have high mobility, stealth, and strong strike capabilities”, according to Chinese military analyst Song Zhongping.

Currently, the Type 99 and its upgraded Type 99A version are the PLA’s most advanced main battle tanks. More information on the fourth-generation tank is yet to be revealed.

Last year, China deployed the Type 99A to its high-altitude Karakoram Mountain range along the border with India to boost its firepower there.

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