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Iran Has Unveiled A New Hypersonic Missile-Armed Boat

Iran has unveiled its latest addition to the navy’s fleet, the Moudge-class Damavand-2 warship, armed with hypersonic missiles. This development comes shortly after the nation showcased its “Fattah” hypersonic missile. Iranian Navy officials have expressed their confidence in the potency of this new arsenal, which marks a significant advancement for the Middle Eastern nation.

The Moudge-class ships are domestically developed and an improvement over the older Jamaran-class vessels. With a displacement of approximately 1,500 tons, they are technically classified as frigates. However, ship classification terminologies can differ among countries. The creation of the Damavand-2 warship was made possible through collaborative efforts between the Defense Ministry experts, armed forces, particularly the Navy, and knowledge-based industries. It has been seamlessly integrated into the Navy’s active combat unit, employing cutting-edge technology.

The Damavand-2 frigate boasts impressive features, including advanced radar and missile systems, powerful thrust systems, and state-of-the-art weaponry. Notably, it is equipped with hypersonic missiles, further enhancing its combat capabilities. Rear Admiral Irani states that the vessel represents the latest technology in detection, identification, monitoring (DIM), and combat capabilities.

The construction of the Damavand-class frigates has witnessed significant progress in terms of efficiency. Manouchehr Alipour, the deputy head of the Marine Industries Organization (MIO), explains that the first Jamaran-class destroyer took 12 years to build, while the Damavand-1 frigate was completed in 8 years. Dena, another warship, was delivered to the Navy after six years. The Damavand-2, however, was constructed in an impressive 11 months, thanks to the acquired expertise in designing and engineering destroyers and their equipment.

It hasn’t been a smooth ride; three years after it was put into service, the frigate Damavand-1 tragically sank after colliding with a seawall. Nevertheless, subsequent pictures demonstrate that the ship was recovered and made operational again. It nevertheless makes a stunning sight, even with its 76mm cannon and anti-ship cruise missile launcher.

According to Iranian officials, these warships are necessary to protect maritime routes and guarantee the security of tankers and cargo ships. The precise sort of missiles to be used on these ships, whether they be “Fattah” missiles or another variant, has not yet been made public.

Iran shows its dedication to enhancing its naval capabilities with the debut of the hypersonic missile-equipped Moudge-class Damavand-2 frigate. This development strengthens its defense while also highlighting Iran’s expanding influence in the area. The launching of this cutting-edge warship serves as a reminder of the nation’s commitment to safeguarding its maritime trade routes and strategic interests.

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