China Has Made The World’s Fastest Train – Again

In this fast-paced era, traveling is not only done out of necessity but, is now considered a recreational activity for people. Earlier, most people only traveled because they had to. They either had to go to work or travel to see family and friends. These trips across cities or countries tended to be slow and long. People had to spare days and sometimes weeks to get to their destination and the same distance while going back. However, technology has erased distances and has made even faraway places very accessible. Now, hundreds of miles can be covered within a matter of hours. This can not only be done by air but also by rail.

China has always been a pioneer when it comes to fast transportation via rail. Its fast trains are already quite popular globally and people come from all over the world to experience the ride. This time, they have bettered themselves by bringing the fastest trains possible.

The country has created a maglev bullet train that can reach up to a jaw-dropping speed of 373 miles per hour. Its mechanism is based upon the electromagnetic forces and when compared to the regular fast trains, this maglev train can cover distances not only faster but by making lesser noise. The train also has more passenger seats than other trains. This is extensively reported by CNN.

China aims to bridge the distances between its major cities as much as it can by providing efficient and fast transportation. This will reduce the dependence on air travel as well. In fact, it is speculated that the train ride is just 120 mph slower than the airplane journey between the cities. This can be covered in the future with more advancements in the train, making it faster than air travel. However, there are still no compatible tracks built by the engineers for the world’s fastest train. Once they are built, transport will be revolutionized in China.

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