China Has Launched Its First Astronauts Into The New Space Station

“Exploring the vast universe, developing space activities and building a powerful space nation is our unremitting space dream.” – CNSA

China has always been a trendsetter, a country that has always gone ahead of every other nation in terms of adopting tech advancements, but it, unfortunately, has been a late starter for space exploration. However, it has recently unveiled the first astronauts to its budding space station who took off aboard a Long March 2F rocket. Images show the space shuttle already spiraling high above the Earth.

“We have invested so much energy,” the rocket’s designer, Rong Yi, told NBC News. “But I am thrilled to see it fulfill its duty within 10 minutes.”

Orbit Party

Not only is it noteworthy to see China skyrocketing for the very first time, but an even more thrilling fact is that actual people have been a part of China’s Tiangong-3 space station, helping it to achieve its dream. Finally, the country decided to send astronauts into space in 2016.

“I believe that in the near future when the Chinese space station is complete, we will see Chinese and foreign astronauts taking on joint missions,” China Manned Space Agency Assistant Director Ji Qiming said at a news conference before the launch, per NBC‘s reporting.

Space Dream  

According to China’s current strategy, it aims to launch 11 missions over the course of two years to finalize its space station. Not only China dreamt of a powerful space station, but Chinese authorities have also allowed other countries to join the crew and work on the Tiangong station.

“Exploring the vast universe, developing space activities, and building a powerful space nation is our unremitting space dream,” Qiming added.

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