China And Russia Just Tested A ‘Hack-Proof’ Quantum Communication Link For BRICS Countries

In a significant stride toward quantum communication encryption, scientists from Russia and China have reportedly accomplished secure key transmission through China’s quantum satellite, Mozi.

The collaborative effort between Russian and Chinese researchers showcased the technical feasibility of establishing a BRICS quantum communication network. Covering an impressive distance of 3,800 kilometers between ground stations near Moscow and Urumqi in China’s Xinjiang region, the team transmitted two encoded images secured by quantum keys. This achievement marks a pivotal step in developing a robust quantum communication infrastructure.

The March 2022 full-cycle quantum communication test between the two countries laid the foundation for this recent success. During this experiment, a secret key was exchanged, facilitating the decryption of two coded messages based on a quote from Chinese philosopher Mozi and an equation from Soviet physicist Lev Landau.

China’s quantum satellite, Mozi, played a crucial role in overcoming limitations associated with ground-based quantum key distribution, which typically faces challenges over long distances. While traditional methods cap optical fiber cable transfers at around 1,000 kilometers due to photon loss, Mozi enables long-distance quantum transmission, paving the way for both national and international quantum communication networks.

Quantum communication ensures a secure transfer of information, rendering it resistant to eavesdropping by hackers. The encrypted data, transmitted as ones and zeros along with a quantum key, remains inaccessible to unauthorized individuals. Russia’s keen interest in leading quantum technology is evident in its collaboration with Mozi, with plans to work with BRICS nations to create an extensive quantum communication network. The vision includes launching small quantum satellites and establishing ground stations to exchange data securely.

As Russia delves into quantum computing, recognizing its pivotal role in advanced mathematics, the pursuit of technological leadership becomes paramount. The synergy between Russia and China in quantum advancements signals a promising future for secure communication and quantum technologies on a global scale.

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