Chilean Inventor Invents Gloves That Can Withstand Hammer Blows And Even Saw Cuts


We might take the hardworking construction workers for granted, but they literally put their bodies on the line each day just to make their ends meet. While there have been many protective measures now being adopted by companies to make their work environment a safer place, some problems still threaten worker’s life and limb. One of them is the threat to their hands from hammer strokes or saw cuts. Contemporary gloves do offer protection, but at the cost of mobility. Chilean inventor, Jorge Sgombic, had just the answer to this dilemma!

Jorge has invented Mark VIII safety gloves, which has already won awards for it’s ingenuity. These gloves feature rigid protection around the fingertips while keeping the rest of the hand open and free for normal functionality. Since fingers are usually the most risked part of the hand, the gloves are a perfect combination of safety and practicality.

Pic Credits: odditycentral

To create the rigid finger glove, Sgombic used a shatter-proof thermoplastic material which successfully shields the fingertips against any punishment you can throw at them, such as hammer blows, cuts, punctures, and crushing. The first layer of gloves is created to be easily penetrated which also help in absorbing the shock, while the protective cover under it is virtually indestructible.

The Chilean inventor wants his Mark VIII gloves to used

“from maintenance and operation to entire industries such as mining, forestry and the fishing industry. They can be used for domestic activities in general, for any activity where there is a degree of exposure to an accident involving the hands.”

Mark VIII gloves are available in four different varieties which include nitrile gloves with a short cuff kidskin and leather gloves with a long cuff for applications such as welding. The concept won a gold medal in the “Safety and Security-Personal” category at the Invention & New Product Exposition, in Pittsburgh, so it is fair to say that it is turning some heads.

The prices are not available at the moment, but Sgombic, reportedly, has big plans and is looking to distribute his work worldwide.

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