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Child Tweets Gibberish From Official US Nuclear-Agency Account

You really can not leave your computer on and unattended especially if you have a child in the house. Who knows what they could do behind your back. The same happened with the social media manager of US Strategic Command. The account suddenly tweeted a line full of gibberish leading many to believe that maybe this was some secret code.

The US Strategic Command is an agency responsible for safeguarding the US’s nuclear weapons. Many feared the account had been hacked but the reality is actually pretty funny and innocent. The social media manager happened to leave their computer unattended which gave a child in their family enough time to mess around.

After sending a Freedom of Information request to the agency, reporters found out what had actually transpired. The response said that “The command’s Twitter manager… momentarily left the command’s Twitter account open and unattended”, and “His very young child took advantage of the situation and started playing with the keys and unfortunately, and unknowingly, posted the tweet”.

They denied all the speculations that the account had been hacked or worse, stating that absolutely nothing nefarious occurred. The original tweet has been since deleted but of course, nothing gets deleted from the Internet.

Maybe something did happen though. Also don’t leave your computer unattended folks. What if the kid had launch codes?

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