This Is How Chernobyl Transformed From A Wasteland To A Solar Farm

We are all aware of the Chernobyl incident. The failure of the nuclear facility in 1986 is the worst nuclear accident to date. 2 workers were killed in the accident and 28 more lost their lives due to radiation exposure in the following weeks. The accident left the area unhabitable due to toxic levels of radiation in the air and soil. The area is reported to be unfit for human habitation for up to 24,000 years.

Hust because humans can not live on the land does not mean the land has to go to waste. The site of the accident has a chance to give back to the society it took so much from. 3,800 solar panels are being installed at the facility currently. These are being installed only 100 meters away from the reactor core that melted and caused the disaster.

Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant Sarcophagus is a shell of concrete and steel and was built around the disaster area immediately after the accident. The New Safe Confinement Structure was fully put in place in 2016 and acts as the final tomb for the reactor and reduces the amount of spreading radiation.

(Source: Engineering)

The solar plant being installed will produce one megawatt of electricity for the local power grid. This means it can power around 2,000 homes. The site is already set up to the electricity grid and this makes it an ideal location to set up a solar farm. Some of the previous equipment is still usable and with proper maintenance, the solar power grid can run for a long time.

Ukraine is planning to put aside even more unhabitable land for the purpose of creating more solar farms. It is still prohibited to dig and drill at sites like Chernobyl due to the radiations. This is another reason it is perfect for solar farms as they can easily be placed on concrete slabs.

(Source: India Today – India Today Group)

It is nice to see that a site that caused so much devastation is now giving back to the society.

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