Check Out This Volkswagen Beetle Converted Into A Baja Bug

The Baja Bug Spec 2

This Baja Bug Spec is a conversion of 1970’s Volkswagen Beetle that was converted a few years back. The conversion was both time intensive and expensive, as the build cost was a lot more than the original asking price of the Bug. Looking like box-fresh, this Bug has been used very little and never went off-roading. The suspension of the Bug is seriously over-engineered and the huge 2110 CC VW motor runs functional A/C as well, these are some of the high level attention given to detail in this build. This build is available for $17,900 in Riverside, California at Baja Bug Spec

The bright white finish of both the metal and fiberglass body panels display the cleanliness of the build, though the finish is not ideal to hide flaws. According to the seller, the Bug was used very little and was used mainly for dealership display purpose. Hence the unmarked skid plate, clean frame rails and generally lightly used appearance of suspension and engine components. The roof rack and spots were added later, but they do function well. The big doubled-up rear shock peek out through the rear fenders in a cool manner.The Baja Bug Spec 3

Inside, there is a custom bare sheet metal dash that includes high quality VDO gauges underneath the A/C vents and controls. The high back seats are matched with the rear bench that houses a suspension on each side of it. The standard doors and carpeting are just there to make one feel welcome. Every thing is well done except that there should be some padding on the cage.The Baja Bug Spec 4

This awesome build is powered by a 2110 CC air-cooled VW flat four, a shift that shows the real power of these motors. Running double, twin choke Webers, the vehicle is bound to be noisy and quite powerful as well. The specifications of the Bug are limited, but what’s said to be a professionally built gearbox turns the Porsche 930 axles and all work seems to be done in a very high standard. The wiring harness work is quite neat, like the one seen on diamond plate firewalls. And the unwanted attention on the freeway can be avoided using a twin muffler to muffle the loud noise of the Bug. This swapping out of this straight pipe bee stinger is to be a few minutes work.The Baja Bug Spec 2

This one made it to the list as one of the most impressive Beetle builds seen in a long time. Though the new owner needs to test it out to its limits as soon as possible. So what do you say? Let us know in the comments section.

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