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Check Out This Smart Toilet Seat That Turns Toilet Odour Into Soothing Fragrance

No one wants to leave the bathroom wreaking of ‘what they’ve done’ and there are a number of ways that can remove the odour; spray cans, matches or scent holders. But its time to check out this awesome toilet seat by Kohler, named as Purefresh. This particular toilet seat tackles the problem of bad odour right at the source and then produces a fresh scent of its own.

The device has a fan that is activated when the user sits down on the seat thus directing the toilet bowl air through the replaceable filter and the scent pack. The gadget is powered by 2 D-cell batteries that are good to go for about 6 months. The filter should ideally be changed after 6 months whereas the scent packs need to be replaced every month. There are three scents available; Garden Waterfall, Soft and Fresh Laundry and Avocado Spa.

The seat comes with a dual LED nightlight as well that has been embedded into the seat. This light allows the user to locate the seat in a completely dark bathroom and then serves as a task light to make sure that male users don’t pee on the floor. Purefresh can be installed onto the existing toilet seat and costs $90 while the filter is worth $8 per pack and the scent pack costs $8. That’s reasonable considering the dirty job that the gadget has to do, wouldn’t you agree? Check out the video below for more details: