Check Out This Real-Time Image Warping Projector That Uses Dynamic Projection Mapping


Projectors are used for all sorts of multi media usage and applications, but point them at anything other than a perfectly flat screen, and suddenly they are rendered useless due to the distorted image. To cater for this problem, a team of researchers working at the Ishikawa Watanabe Laboratory in Tokyo have come up with an ingenious design of a projector that shows clear picture despite all the warped and moving surfaces.

This is quite a breakthrough in this field, and understandably the creators have been keeping the technology as a closely guarded secret. But essentially the technology would be similar to textures that are applied in 3D models for a video game. The only difference being that the technology will be applied on any irregular object in the real world.The system uses a camera that identifies a grid applied to objects and then uses invisible infra-red ink to track how it’s warped in real time.

Using this deformed grid, the projector perceives a projected image and wraps it to make it perfectly align with the surface it’s hitting. Usually, the projector does this at a frame rate of 1,000 frames per second, with data processing delay reduced to 3 milliseconds, giving an illusion to the human brain that all of this is happening in real time.

The projector could be used to set up a projector very easily without much hassle with the properties, and it could be used for e-ads and changing sponsors on moving objects such as athlete’s jersey continuously through the game.

Pic Credits: gizmodo
Pic Credits: gizmodo

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