Check Out This Kid’s Cute Hack To Avoid The Punishment Of Writing Lines


We all remember our days at school when the teacher used to give a certain line to write and rewrite over and over again as a punishment. And even the most “street smart” kids like Bart Simpson couldn’t escape the punishment until the bell rang.

Credits: giphy
Credits: giphy

But today, we are going to share an amazing technique thought of by a six-year-old girl, which will make us all feel so dumb on not thinking this ourselves.

The girl was punished to write,

“I will make better choices.”

repeatedly to instil this notion as well as make her feel guilty of something bad she might have done.

But rather than wasting her precious time, little Isabella Collier got super creative, and after writing it four times, she circumvented the punishment as seen in the photograph below.

[Image Courtesy of Reddit]
[Image Courtesy of Reddit]
She was quick to notice that she can draw any letter with a straight line all the way down the page, thus just connecting the lines and dots to make the complete word and save time!

The image was posted by Isabella’s mother’s friend on Reddit under the title,

“My friend’s kid is going places,”

Whether was this a “better choice” or not, only her teacher’s response would have determined this. But hey, just like Bart, she also has earned at least a day off!

Pic Credits: bartsblackboard
Pic Credits: bartsblackboard

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