Check Out This DIY Vintage Cart Made From A Volkswagen Beetle Fender


Some passionate automobile lovers who don’t get enough of the mainstream vehicles that the market has to offer have built themselves epic rides from time to time. We have witnessed a lot of them showing us the engineering wonders they could do!

The same goes for this exceptionally built eco friendly and retrofuturist in the shape of a kart. It features an impeccable olive green interior and a set of headlights that the classic Volkswagen Beetle had. Aldekas designer by profession broke this impressive news on Facebook.

This highly creative designer did the unthinkable when he just opted for the fender and a headlight of a type1 model beetle—initially released in the 1930s.

The olive green beetle fender looks immensely graceful on a combined curve body and a bright red frame. To replicate an authentic car, chrome handlebars, along with the mirrors, are also installed on it. It perfectly pays tribute to the classic Volkswagen vehicle that was an iconic machine for so many years.

The designer Aldekas who built it, often shares new designs on Facebook, including a 3D outline of a more rustic version of the main Bugkart Wasowski.

According to the reports by Colossal, Aldekas is offering a much similar two-wheeler project known as the Volkspod. The guy is considered one of the best designers and DIY manufacturers by many passionate fans, and he carries on with his excellent work by building more and more eco-friendly versions of classic designs. While the overall future of transportation is changing for keeps, we don’t have to leave the warmer opinions of the auto industry behind.


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