Check Out This Almost Magical Mathematical Card Trick That Anyone Can Master

Numberphile Brings A Magical Card Game That You Can Master!

Welcome to yet another amazing video by the famous YouTube user, Numberphile. The famous number-fan had a guest with him in this unique video. The featured star guest showed a fun and exciting card game that can be played with only a table and a deck of cards.

Numberphile Brings A Magical Card Game That You Can Master!

Here at Wonderful Engineering, we all love the amazing and educational YouTube videos that are posted by Numberphile. The YouTube user is in love with numbers, and as a team of engineers, we can fully understand why!

The guest star has brought an amazing and incredible card game to the viewers of the YouTube channel. To put it simply; the game is a combination of magic and mathematics – count us in! The game begins with the shuffling of a bunch of cards. The cards are a combination of cards with some facing down and the rest facing up.

Numberphile Brings A Magical Card Game That You Can Master!

Once the cards have been shuffled, you will choose a number lying between 5 and 10. After choosing the number, you will lay out the chosen number of cards in a row while making sure that they are touching each other. The aim of the game is to clear the table of all the cards. However, you can only draw the card given that it is facing up. If the card is touching the neighbor cards, you will flip them over.

What’s the trick? It is pivotal to pick the right card first to remove because if you pick the wrong one; you will end up in a dead end thus losing the game. The guest star featured in the video by YouTube user, Numberphile, was quite the expert in this game. She could tell simply by taking a look at the cards that which game would result in a win and which would end in a loss.

The fun part? She will even teach you how to become so good at this game. Check out the video and let us know what you think of this incredible card game!

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