Check Out These Nuclear Missile Silos Converted Into Luxury Survival Apartments

Survival Condos – Former Silos for Atlas Missile Renovated 4

With the way advances are being made in nuclear warfare, there is a very high possibility that in the future we might be facing a nuclear war. When that happens we will need shelters, right? Or if a catastrophic natural disaster was to come upon us, where would you turn to? This is where we introduce the Survival Condos that have been built and in fact, booked already, with the second unit’s development under progress.Survival Condos – Former Silos for Atlas Missile Renovated 5

These condos are based in US and have been built in former Atlas missile silos. The silos were made available for other uses once they were retired. The website of Survival Condos states that the structure has a 9 ft. thick concrete wall and it was designed to be able to withstand a direct nuclear hit. If that wasn’t enough already, the dome located on the top of the structure is capable of surviving winds up to 805 km/hr.Survival Condos – Former Silos for Atlas Missile Renovated 2

Owner of Survival Condos, Larry Hall, writes, “By starting our project with a Formerly Used Defense Site, we have a US$120 million dollar head start. A competitor has to spend that much just to catch up, we can go dollar for dollar from that point on, but that is one heck of a head start on the value proposition.’ Hall has stated that the idea hit him following the tragedy of 9/11. He says that converting these silos and providing all the facilities was quite a project as well. He writes; ‘These are large complex structures. The best analogy is that it is like trying to build a ship in a bottle. It takes a lot of planning and engineering coupled with skilled workers.”Survival Condos – Former Silos for Atlas Missile Renovated 3

The aim of these shelters is to allow for a safe shelter from anything that lurks outside its safe walls. They have been further designed to give comfort and luxury to the residents. Each shelter comes with its own electricity source and a water supply worth minimum of 75,000 gallons in reserve tank. The filtration systems that have been incorporated help in clearing air from nuclear, chemical and biological agents. There is a medical center located on-site and food is produced with the help of organic hydroponic and aquaculture setups.Survival Condos – Former Silos for Atlas Missile Renovated Survival Condos – Former Silos for Atlas Missile Renovated 6

The silos come with their own command and control center along with a communication center that has an internet sub access located on site. The digital weather station operates to acquire the information to be collected from outside. The other facilities that are sported by the shelter include spa, pool, gym, library, classroom, general store and a movie theatre. The silos are capable of housing about 70 persons while splitting the residential space into condos that can fit 6-10 persons with a layout for full floor, or 3-5 persons if it’s using the layout for half floor. The shelters have a frozen food supply enough to last a single person 5 years. It comes equipped with stainless steel appliances and LED lighting. The shelters also have stimulated views, Jacuzzi baths and 50-inch TVs.

The first silo was completed back in 2012 and the second shall be completed by the end of 2016. The full-floor condo will cost you $3 million while the half floor suite will cost you $1.5 million.

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