Check Out These 26 Designers That Totally Failed At It

A lot of people make mistakes, however, sometimes the mistakes are too huge to be ignored. Especially if you’re a designer who is tasked with designing houses, these mistakes won’t so easily be forgotten. We have compiled a list of 26 designing fails that are just too stupid to be qualified as even mistakes. Check out the list below and let us know what you think of them.

26. Slide down to doom!

25. Aesthetics?

24. Car in half!

23. Cruelty taken to new levels!

22. Do no switch on the fan!

21. Halfway to bathroom!

20. Best seat of the house

19. Duck.

18. Stop!!!

17. Stunt time.

16. Scram!

15. Flying Cars of Future

14. Get in Line!

13. Bad choice!

12. A foottrail.

11. Secret Nazi Architect

10. Door was installed later!

9. Visible to All!

8. Box them in!

7. Tilted View

6. The handicap bathroom is up the stairs.

5. Those 3 stairs are going to be tough to get around.

4. Just move the clock!

3. Perfect for Stretch Armstrong.

2. Stay away from Fire!

1. Whoa!