Check Out The World’s Loneliest House That Is In The Middle Of Nowhere

Pictures of an isolated white house situated in the middle of an island surrounded by the ocean have been making rounds on the internet. And is mostly termed as the ‘loneliest house in the world.’

The southern coast of Iceland consists of numerous small islands. Elliðaey is its most northeastern island and is home to the famous isolated house built on a grassy, sloping pasture. No one has lived in the house since 1930, which only increases its relevance with loneliness and isolation.

Since its construction, many stories prevail about the lonely house in the middle of nowhere. Some say that it was built by a rich businessman as a shelter from the zombie apocalypse, while some other stories mention it as a property of a religious fanatic.

However, the most authentic sources say that it belonged to a hunting association. This states that the house was built in the 1950s to cater as a hunting lodge. Members of the association used to visit it to hunt puffins. To most people, it doesn’t even make much sense as to why would a hunting association operate in the middle of nowhere.

However, one explanation makes sense for the story relevant to the hunting association; many families lived in an isolated house and left later to more populated areas for better opportunities. They got to know the place is full of Atlantic puffins, and Fish which periodically got them back and forth from the island. They came in for hunting and went off after, and that’s probably how the hunting association was formed.

The lonely house comes equipped with a sauna, which runs on a system dependant on rainwater. And a fence around it is one strange thing for the structure to have given that literally, no one lives around. Maybe at some point, someone scared of fish might have installed it.

If you are interested in such places, tour companies operating in the Vestmannaejar archipelago offer day trips to many of these islands on the southern coast, including a tour to the iconic isolated white house.

The structure’s reality is very lonely; however, it is impossible to know when, why, and how this house was built. It remains uncertain, given the many stories surrounding the alone house in the middle of an ocean.

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