Check Out the Level of Abuse Your Suspension Takes Every Day


The suspension in your car is the work horse that never gets praised or admired. You never notice or classify a car with the type of suspension it has, but if it goes wrong then the entire driving experience is adversely affected. Shocks and dampers in your automobile are used to absorb all of the vibrations incurred due to the bumps and irregularities of the road you are driving on. This keeps the chassis of the car safe from excessive jerks and vibrations, making your driving experience smooth and comfortable even on the poorest of terrains.

In this video the footage, the amount of abuse your car shocks go through is shown. The car treads over a bumpy roadway, a highway, stop and go traffic, and speed bumps at different speeds; and all the time a camera records the response of the car chassis and the shocks. Original shocks of the car which are 14 years old and had 125,000 miles on them were first used. And then they were replaced with brand new Monroe Sensa-Trac shocks to see the difference in the amount of chassis vibrations and the shocks response.

Maybe it is about time you thank your car shocks for all the work they perform for no credit!

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