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Check Out Some Of the Coolest Staircase Art From Around The World

Art fascinates consciously and subconsciously. Imagine a one hundred stairs long staircase and the feeling of exhaustion that comes  just when you  look at it. But an artist, through his canvas, changes the whole perspective of that unimaginably long staircase. We usually see street art on just the walls of a street which in itself is really pleasant to the eye. But when we talk specifically of these staircases, we see an amazing range of colors. It is like all the rainbow colors have been displayed in your pathway and the entire staircase looks like a edible rainbow cake, given that you are supposed to walk on it. The effort the artist has invested on each of these stairs is commendable for sure.

By putting a little effort in community projects, your city can turn into something magical, and diverse forms of art can be well incorporated in the staircases of the city.  You will see abstract pop of colors in some of these staircases as well as mega size images that have been painted on them, all in all making these staircases look wonderful.

This rainbow piano set of colors happens to be in Beirut, Lebanon and makes the viewer awestruck at the very first glance.

This origami decorated staircase can be found in Angers, France and leaves a very magical impression on the guests that happen to come from all around the world.

This staircase looks more like an edible yummy rainbow cake. It happens to be in Wuppertal, Germany.  Apart from the bright colors that you see on this staircase, motivational words also appear on the rainbow-like stairs.

This traditional flowery art you see above is the traditional art of Iran, and since the stairs were not visible, the wall of the staircase has been decorated by flowers. The result is actually a very refreshing experience.

You would observe a beautiful geometric pattern in the picture above. A colorful geometric pattern of peace in Syria, that is.

This staircase in Sicily has been marked as one of the most classic staircases in history. It was built in the late 1608 and if you look closely, you would observe amazing tile work put together to give the overall look of a roses and their green leaves.

Again, one of the most creative ideas. This staircase is located in Seoul, South Korea.

This is one of the examples of public art, and it took an effort of hundreds of artists to collaborate to make this piece of art. Basically, this colorful staircase is a product of different mosaic tiles that were put together to achieve this magical look comprising of various colorful miniature objects. It is one of the most attractive and beautiful staircases you would have ever witnessed.

Just like the famous Rio Carnival, which is famous all around the world for different colors that it spreads, this staircase in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil is one of the most prominent places of the city.

This portrait covering the entire staircase is also present in Rio de Janerio.

Based in Morlaix, France, this portrait is well painted and all the minute details such as the hues, and subtlety of colors has been well experimented with.

Another famous portrayal of art, the portrait of Dali, is kept in Philadelphia Museum of art and this portrait of Dali on one of the staircases of Philadelphia exhibits the same piece of art.

This staircase with all the rainbow colors in Istanbul, Turkey shows us that different bands of colors are enough for creating magic for the eyes.

It is not necessary to paint an entire staircase. Just some colorful geometric patterns on the edges of the staircase are also enough to present a fascinating effect. This staircase in Beirut, Lebanon is the picturesque description of the illustration.

So, no matter how long the staircase is, if its colorful and pleasing to the eye, you would actually want to climb the stairs. Such collaboration towards art can actually bring unity in a community since it would involve a lot of interaction as well as sharing of ideas.

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