23 Staircase Designs That Will Make Climbing To The Next Floor Less Boring

Check Out These Amazing Staircases 21

Usually, you look at a staircase and the first thought that pops up in your head is that it was ignored until the 11th hour of the design process. However, that is not the case for the following staircases. Each one of them is a wonder in itself, check out the list and let us know what you think of it.Check Out These Amazing Staircases

The first one is the Ribbon Stairs and has been designed by HŠH Architects. It mimics a rippling ribbon that is delicate. The staircase is quite beautiful no doubt but can be a bit scary if you are running up and down in a hurry.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 1

The 14 Ora Italiana is an Italian company that features a collection of wood grain porcelain tiles that took inspiration from the works of Andy Warhol. The Uonuon line is available in 14 colors that are featured on this fun and colorful staircase.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 2 fili[

These amazing stairs belong in House G by Maxwan Architects + Urbanists. What happened? A barn was given a complete makeover and the stairs’ planes became a part of the wall shelves, thus creating a unique setup that works as a book and kitchen storage.Check out these amazing staircases 123

The Grove Park project was done by Bell Phillips Architects and features a staircase that was ‘created from a complete geometry of folded triangular facets which appear to float effortlessly within the space.’Check Out These Amazing Staircases 3 christopher

These stairs leading to a loft bedroom were built by nC2 architecture situated in Brooklyn, NY. By making use of alternate treads, these stairs have incorporated extra shelving and are spatially efficient.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 4 Kristina

Photo by Kristina Hrabetová

Atelier SAD, an Architecture firm, came up with an amazing alternate tread staircase that can double up as a bookshelf.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 5

Check out this divided staircase from Rowin Petersma; a staircase made of expanded steel that allows for the maximum amount of light to shine through the apartment’s top floor.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 6

This combination of a bookshelf and a staircase comes from Kathryn Tyler of Linea Studio and has been featured in the Scandinavian-inspired home. The Corkellis House uses open shelving and staircase shelves instead of kitchen cabinets for storing kitchen-related items.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 7 hertha

Photo by Hertha Hurnaus

Blue House is eco-friendly and has been designed by architect Pieter Weijnen of Faro Architecten. Pieter built a house for his family on Steigereiland and the stairs seem to be floating in the air without support. Steel cables have been placed on the sides for safety purpose.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 8 Daici

Photo by Daici Ano

The House S by Keiji Ashizawa features a staircase made from warm wood and metal and allows the light to illuminate the airy house and create an immense amount of visual interest.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 9

Rainbow spiral staircase designed by Ab Rogers Design.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 10 X.lucas

Photo by X. Lucas

The steel floating stairs in Flat #1 by Ecole are the embodiment of minimalism.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 11 Nils

Photo by Nils Clauss

The suspended stairs float along a curved wall and are illuminated via the hidden windows above in the Godzilla House by Chae-Pereira Architects.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 12

This particular loft duplex was designed by architect Charlie Diaz and features a staircase that can be dubbed as the ultimate example when it comes to small space saving.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 13

These unique deep stairs and the 4-stories of the house that surround them have a price tag of $38 million and were designed by Paul Rudolph.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 14

Studioata is an Italian architecture firm that designed this small space featuring a studio loft above that is accessible via simple floating white stairs.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 15

Alphaville Architects based in Kyoto designed a unique staircase for this peculiarly shaped small house.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 16

This one has been designed by Castroferro Arquitectos and feature enough room to store books on the sides.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 17

This one comes from MO Architekten and you can always string fun colors when you are bored.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 18

This is a piece of fabric architecture by Do Ho Suh and is a 1:1 replica of the staircase that connects his landlord’s apartment to his. It has been named as Staircase III and is displayed at Tate Modern in London.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 19

If you are looking to maximize each inch of space, then these bookshelf stairs are the ones you need to look at.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 20

Check out the trippy stairs without which any list of staircase is not complete.Check Out These Amazing Staircases 21

Here are spiral wood stairs that are functional while being sculptural as well.


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  1. James Smith Reply

    These all look nice but are usually impractical and even dangerous. The open treads pose a serious tripping hazard for any one. You can break an ankle or worse falling on stairs.

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