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Check Out Microsoft’s Latest AI Hologram Speak In Fluent Japanese

What you are seeing is the latest hologram by Microsoft. Not only is this hologram capable of moving and projecting completely, but it can also speak in a totally different language. Let’s say that you didn’t know a single word of the Japanese language; with Microsoft’s hologram, you will be able to deliver a keynote speech in the Japanese language quite fluently.

Microsoft has developed an amazing full-bodied hologram that is capable of talking and appearing in its precise 3D image. That is not all that it can do; however; you can also use it for talking in other languages. The video that we have featured shows a woman giving a presentation. She looks and sounds exactly like her, but it is not her.

What you are seeing is the woman’s hologram who for all practical purposes resembles the actual woman quite precisely. The magic happens when the hologram starts to speak, in the woman’s voice, but in a language that the keynote speaker doesn’t know; Japanese. This technological development is a breakthrough in terms of the potential that it can offer to the future exchanges that are related to business.

You could potentially conduct a meeting or pitch your business in parts of the world that would otherwise be considered impossible owing to your language barriers. You will be able to explain yourselves in a variety of languages and do so quite perfectly. Furthermore, you will be able to appear in person (well, almost) thanks to the hologram technology by Microsoft.

The question that bothers us is that what will happen to the translators? Maybe they will be the ones who will be translating all the text but then again; what will happen when the AI has learned enough to do this on its own? Nonetheless, check out this amazing technology in the video below!