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ChatGPT Wrote A Shredding Guitar Solo – And It Sounds Pretty Good

ChatGPT Writes Shredding Guitar Solo

ChatGPT, an AI chatbot sidekick, has impressed 13-year-old guitarist Ava Toton by generating a guitar solo. However, Toton’s experience suggests that ChatGPT still requires significant human effort to achieve satisfactory results.

Toton’s experiment with ChatGPT involved requesting the chatbot to “write a guitar solo.” Although the resulting AI-generated guitar tab notations were promising, it took considerable time and effort for Toton to create a “usable answer.” She had to interpret the notes and determine the lengths, accents, rhythm guitar, harmonies, bass, and drums.

Toton revealed that ChatGPT even gave her notes that were out of the key, making it necessary for her to put in more creativity.

Toton’s experience is a reminder that ChatGPT can only rehash data that already exists in the world and is incapable of producing truly original output. However, ChatGPT can be a powerful tool for helping musicians and artists overcome initial hurdles. It can act as a foundation for human creativity but cannot replace them entirely.

Toton’s experiment shows that while ChatGPT is excellent for many things, it may not be the best for music.

Nonetheless, the chatbot can be a helpful jumping-off point for musicians and other artists looking to explore new creative avenues.

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