ChatGPT Has Created A New Puzzle Game – And People Are Obsessed

A Substack user known as Puzzled Penguin approached ChatGPT and requested recommendations for puzzle games similar to Sudoku. Despite being familiar with all the games that ChatGPT suggested, Puzzled Penguin challenged it to create a completely new puzzle game. The outcome of this experiment is a remarkably skilled and enjoyable game.

ChatGPT underwent four rounds of experimentation before arriving at a version of the game that piqued Puzzled Penguin’s interest.

The game was finally titled “Sum Delete” and involved deleting numbers on a 7×7 grid until the sum of the remaining numbers in each row and column equaled a target number located at the end of the row or column. Puzzled Penguin requested that ChatGPT make a playable version of the game, which it created using HTML and JavaScript. He was able to refresh the page to generate new puzzles.

Following this, Puzzled Penguin asked ChatGPT to improve the game’s appearance using CSS, which it did. After additional iterations, a visually appealing and fully functional game was developed. ChatGPT proposed the name “Sumplete,” which Puzzled Penguin accepted and subsequently purchased to host the game.

While Sumplete may not reach the level of popularity attained by games like Wordle, its status as an AI-created original game is remarkable. The game features seven difficulty levels, and larger grids can take several minutes to solve, making it an engaging and challenging experience.

ChatGPT’s ability to create an entirely new and enjoyable game like Sumplete demonstrates the impressive potential of generative AI chatbots. The fact that ChatGPT was able to take on Puzzled Penguin’s challenge and produce such a polished and fun game is a testament to the power of AI technology.

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