CAUTION: Crystal Glass Door Knob Starts House Fire In London

door knob fire

If you are looking to change your household decor anytime soon, you may want to read this before making any “dangerous” choices. While solid glass or crystal ornaments may look very fancy, but do you know that they can burn down your entire house?

One such incident occurred in a UK household, where a glass doorknob refracted direct sunlight and led to a massive blaze inside a room, along with burning some nearby clothing.

And if it weren’t for the smoke alarm, the blaze would have consumed the Londoner Clare Thomson’s house entirely, along with her family who was still inside when the fire broke out.

The leftovers of the crystal doorknob that sparked the early morning blaze
Pic Credits: London Fire Brigade

Thompson said in an interview,

“I was amazed at how intense the low September sun could be and I was amazed at how quickly a small fire could take place. I would advise people not to buy crystal doorknobs, and I would advise home stores to be aware of the fire risk when stocking. Or, at least, such doorknobs should come with a warning.”

The last thing that crosses one’s mind when buying a door knob is “fire hazard,” but Charlie Pugsley, who is the head of the London Brigade’s fire investigation team, states that the incidents of fires started by glass and crystal knobs are not that uncommon.

The other side of the door, showing how the fire making door knob looked like
Pic Credits: London Fire Brigade

“These sort of incidents are not as rare as you would think,” he says. “I’ve seen everything from sparkly doorknobs and crystal balls to glass fish bowls and Nutella jars starting fires. Crystal and glass ornaments and items such as shaving mirrors should be kept out of direct sunlight.”

Soon enough, the fire brigade came in and eventually extinguished the fire before any major damage. The investigations that followed revealed that the fire started after a coat was removed from the glass doorknob, which exposed it to sunlight. The crystal focused the light on nearby clothes, setting them alight.

Pic Credits: London Fire Brigade

The incident has prompted the London Fire Brigade to raise awareness about the dangers of glass furnishings and doorknobs, and they advise that everyone should keep concave mirrors and crystals away from sunny places and flammable materials.

Do you think the glass manufacturing companies should play a role to raise awareness about these dangers? Comment below!

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