CAT S42 Is World’s First Smartphone Equipped With Anti-Bacterial Technology

Smartphones have a long history of carrying various forms of bacteria along with them. Once it gets in from some of the holes, be it speakers, headphone jack, charging port, and other minor spaces, it doesn’t get out easily. Smartphones crawl with those particles of dirt until they are disassembled, and a professional clean them thoroughly.

Worry no more, as a startup company in the U.K has designed the world’s first antimicrobial smartphone, CAT S42, that the company suggests could even be cleaned with soap and running water.

You could wash away your smartphone’s dirty reputation with confidence that your device won’t be ruined. The company has claimed their developed model of the smartphone “CAT S42” is the sturdiest and cleanest budget smartphone ever and has already been rated IP68, which means it is built with 100 percent protection against water and dust particles.

The CAT S42 built under the brand Caterpillar is already available in the market. However, its latest version, due to be released in 2021, will have “Biomaster Antimicrobial Technology,” which also stops the spread of germs. The startup has said of washing it with water, sanitizing it won’t be a problem either.

Under Caterpillar’s name, the new bacteria proof smartphone CAT S42 is developed by “Bullitt,” a company based in Reading, England. The smartphone’s smart design against fighting bacteria uses Silver Ions to fight pathogens. And those silver ions are closely embedded in its casing materials.

Due to its new Biomaster technology, Bullitt has claimed CAT S42 active bacteria cleansing kills 80 percent of the bacteria on the handheld in fifteen minutes. The remaining bacteria gets cleaned in a span of 24 hours. Even though equipped with such technology, Bullitt enforces the point that it should be cleaned with running water, sanitizer, or bleach to be sure of carrying a bacteria-free device.

Vice President of the Bullet, Peter Cunningham said this is vital for those of our customers working within a social or health care setting, and those having extra outside exposure due to the nature of their job.

This is the first time that any Cat phone will come equipped with Antimicrobial product protection making it free of germs for its users and being released in under the times of a worldwide pandemic. I must say, “A need of the time.”

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