Careful With Your New Phone, The “Toughest” iPhone XS Fails Drop Test


Apple’s iPhone XS performed far below expectations on a recent drop test.


In a video published to YouTube on yesterday, SquareTrade put Apple’s new iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max through a variety of tests to see how they fared.

In the first test, the sets were dropped from a height of six feet on both their back and front. iPhone XS suffered a shattered screen, which produced loose glass. The iPhone Xs Max also had shattered screen due to the drop, causing loose glass.

A front-down drop test from six feet produced largely the same results for both phones, resulting in a shattered screen and loose glass. However, in the case of iPhone XS, the screen malfunctioned after the drop.

Next, both phones were placed in a  tumble test, which caused hairline cracks, loose glass, and scratches with the iPhone XS suffered far more damage than the XS Max when it cracked under 250lbs of pressure, resulting in screen failure.


iPhone XS and iPhone XS max perform poorly on drop tests
credit: SquareTrade

Based on these and a couple of other durability tests, SquareTrade assigned the iPhone XS Max a higher durability score of 70 (medium risk of breaking), while iPhone XS was given a durability score of 86 (high risk of breaking).

There is reason for concern among Apple fans as the handsets were touted as the toughest Apple sets and iPhone XS particularly performed far poorly than expectations.


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