Ride In Style With This Formula One Inspired Carbon Black Wheelchair

Inspired by the Formula One racing cars, the ultra-light hi-tech wheelchair Carbon Black is designed for you to enjoy your ride on a wheelchair.

Source: Carbon Black Systems

Based in Narin, Scotland, Andrew Slorance was paralyzed by a spinal injury after falling from a tree at the age of 14. He set out on a mission to create a wheelchair that could help people see his personality, not his disability. He eventually created the carbon fiber chair that looked more like a racing car than a medical equipment.

Andrew Slorance
Source: Ow.ly

Unlike the conventional sturdy wheelchairs that weigh no less than 15.8 kg, the Carbon Black weighs only 5.5 kg. The minimalistic and sophisticated Carbon Black uses state-of-the-art materials that offer hi-tech features. Along with stunning aesthetics, this wheelchair is very easy to push and transfer from one place to another. Modish and Convenient!

Source: Daily Mail

Just like the F1 cars, the wheelchairs are designed to maximize aerodynamics to help them stay in pole position. Each wheelchair is made from a carbon monocoque that is designed according to the customer’s sizing and configuration requirements.  It can be conveniently dismantled into smaller parts for packing that ensures an easy and quick transportation.

Source: Carbon Black Systems

 The carbon fiber form has integral shock absorbing properties to enjoy a smooth ride with minimal vibration rolling. It comes with four interchangeable and height-adjustable backrests. The backrest is designed to provide reliable support with a smaller form. The foot rest also has small wheels to aid steering. The chair has carbon push rims to keep your hands clean. It comes with options for LED lights, foot angle adjuster, clothes guards, and adjustable center of gravity.

Source: Gadget Freak

The Carbon Black is manufactured in Bicester, Oxfordshire, known as Formula One’s Silicon Valley. The Carbon Black costs about $10,800, but the prices vary according to the required custom features. You can order yours at their website here.

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