Canada Is Planning To Land Its Own Lunar Rover By 2026

The moon has got some real romance going on with the space agencies of leading countries lately, with more nations now attracted to venture to the moon. Canadian Space Agency like some other developed nations wants to land its own lunar rover on the moon in the next five years.

As per the Canadian plans, they want to complete their lunar mission of delivering their own lunar rover to the moon by 2026, a project that would be assisted by NASA. With the recent interest shown by China, and U.S also building a new lunar rover, it seems that the moon might be hosting a hi-tech rover’s race in the times to come.

The project is at its inception stage, and the Canadian Space Agency is tracking down the companies to go on with the development works, two finalists will win the government funds to build Canada’s own rover for their ventures on Moon.

Canadian minister of innovation, science, and industry, François-Philippe Champagne announced an investment of $2.5 million for future explorations on the Moon. Investing in the lunar exploration technology initiatives, he said that “The results of these efforts will improve life for everyone, in space, and on Earth. They will also put Canada at the forefront of space innovation while creating the good jobs of tomorrow.”

The history notes only three countries that have successfully developed and landed rovers on the lunar surface, and that list consists of the U.S, China, and Russia. Canada showing similar interests would make the nation the fourth in the world to land their own lunar rover, and their commitment sounds firm with chances that they’d meet the deadline of the project that is five years from now.

Other countries interested in landing their rovers to the moon’s surface include India and Israel, but both have failed in their space to moon missions. Both the countries made attempts to reach the moon in 2019 but it didn’t go so well, leaving Russia, the U.S, and China the only countries with exclusive ventures to the lunar surface.

Canadian Space Agency is hoping that the spending of dollars in hefty amounts would pay back big, and will also aid in creating nearly 21,000 more jobs. It seems that with NASA’s assistance with the lunar project, the country soon would join the club of countries that have successfully reached the lunar surface.

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