Can You Spot A Fence In The Picture? Well…Look Closer And Its Right In Front Of Your Eyes

Invisible Fence 2

No, this is not a prank post and we assure you that the image does have a fence in it. We all have been outsmarted by Shotz who is an artist that loves to create sculptures that are large scale and relate with the surroundings of their location.Invisible Fence

Did the opening paragraph not make a lot of sense? In short, Shotz likes to create stuff that blends in with the environment. For instance; this fence reflects what is around it and therefore, seems invisible or blended in the environment. The picket fence has been crafted from mirrors completely and is so perfectly blended that you will need to get really close to make out its outline.Invisible Fence 3

This project was a commissioned art piece meant for the Storm King Art Center located in NYC. Looking at the fence from different angles will either make it blend it in more will allow you to see it a bit better.Invisible Fence 4 The fence doesn’t enclose anything; it just exists to blend in. Shotz says she like to create ‘unknowable art’ and said; ‘For me an ideal work of art is one that is ultimately unknowable in some way.’


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