Can You Solve This Cellphone On The Rug Illusion That Is Confusing The Internet?

Can You Solve The Cellphone On The Rug Illusion Confusing The Internet

Can you find the cellphone hidden in this tricky illusion?


Can you spot the cellphone on the rug
Image Source: Facebook


The first impression of this image is that of a table atop a large, woven rug. However, a closer look reveals that the carpet hides something inside its intricate patterns.


Can you spot the cellphone on the rug_Image 0
Image Source: Daily Mail


The image went viral after it was shared by a Facebook user named Jeya May Cruz.

Since the picture was posted on Facebook, it has been shared more than 18,000 times and like by another 130,000. Most of the Facebook users were baffled by the image and couldn’t locate the cell phone.

If you have been unable to find the elusive smartphone, see the answer below.


Can you spot the cellphone on the rug_Image 6
Image Source: Daily Mail


We must admit that it is quite a clever illusion, and the camera lens is the only giveaway. The floral pattern on the phone back does not quite match with that of the carpet, yet it blends in perfectly.

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