Can You Open This Cupboard Without Breaking The Plates?


A woman turned to the internet as a last resort for help, when she faced “a momentous conundrum”. The problem can be seen in the picture above, where a large pile of fine porcelain plates slipped off the shelf and were leaning precariously on the glass door.

The challenge was that if the glass door opened without any prior strategy, it could lead to all the porcelain falling and shattering. The picture was posted to Baoliao Commune, which is a Taiwan Facebook group, and became an instant hit.


We have collected some of the best internet suggestions:

Wenli Wang seemed to be more concerned about taking preventive measures



Another commenter saw a good business opportunity,

“Sell it to the museum and name it the ‘Frozen in Time’ series.

This commenter was a little high on Tom Cruise movies,

proclean-cupboard-problem2Thinking outside the box,


This one went hardcore engineering,


This one seemed to be the most realistic one,

proclean-cupboard-problem2Little did anyone notice, the door was a sliding one. So the woman simply slid the cabinet door slightly, used her hand to hold the plates and then slid the door further. All of the plates were safe.

Phew! Finally I can sleep in peace!

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