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Can You Do Laundry With A Pressure Washer? This Guy Finds Out

Here’s a question for you all; do you think fabrics can survive a pressure washer of 1900 PSI? You do not know the answer? That’s alright. Do you want to find out the answer to this question? That is where the King of Random, a famous YouTube channel, decided to see if you can wash clothes using a pressure washer or not.

Basically, what the duo that is presenting the video wanted to see was how damaging a pressure washer could be. The host of the video says, ‘I wanted to see two things personally. One, will, it actually clean the clothes? and two Will they survive the cleaning?’ The YouTube users who were hosting the video actually guessed that only the toughest possible types of denim would be able to survive the 1900 PSI water pressure washer. They ended up testing different forms of fabrics.

But that is not all though. They also wanted to ascertain if any of these clothes might be able to protect a human being from the pressure washer. This led them to place a sturdy piece of material in front of fruit so that it could be protected from the pressure washer. The hosts of this video placed fruits behind different kinds of clothes to gauge the level of protection that was being offered to the fruits. The test sure is amazing to watch, and you can actually see how effective a pressure washer is when you use it for washing or rinsing clothes (or not, you will have to check the video out to know for sure).

We won’t give you much of the details over here, but we can tell you that the whole experiment is totally amazing to watch. Check out the video below and be sure to share it with your friends and family members! Also, try to stay away from a direct stream coming from a pressure washer.

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