Can You Crack The Code Of This Restaurant’s WiFi Password?


If you are one of those people who can’t live one second without a Wi-Fi connect, the following post is truly something from a horror movie. Most of us have become accustomed to the “norm” of using WiFi at the place where we eat or shop, free of cost. But one “evil” restaurant owner wanted to spice things up in a way we could never imagine!

This Thai restaurant located in San Antonio, Texas has openly displayed the WiFi password, but instead of being the usual combination of alphabets and numbers, it requires people to crack a very peculiar and difficult mathematics problem.

One Reddit user, Joshua Glock, was so frustrated by the code that he took a picture and posted it on the internet in a bid to crack the problem.

It seems as though no one is sure about the solution:

No one really had the most accurate answer…

A bad dad joke instead of math?

This might be the most useful comment in the thread

Still no guaranteed answer, which is odd for a mathematics problem.

Now we wait on Joshua_Glock’s response on the success or failure of the answers.

Do you think you can crack the code? Please help us out in the comments’ section below!

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